DIY Halloween Sign

With Halloween right around the corner I decided now would be the perfect time to start decorating my porch for all the trick or treaters that are bound to stop by this year. The first thing on my agenda – making a custom sign using only scrap materials that I had in my garage.

To start I grabbed a piece of scrap MDF and cut two pieces to measure 7″ by 17″.

Next I used my miter saw to cut a scrap piece of pole wrap at a 45° angle to create a frame for my sign. I then used my trusty hot glue gun to secure each piece to the frame.

This part was the easiest – all I had to do was apply black acrylic paint to both of the signs and wait for them to fully dry. The next part would have been 10x easier if I had cricut machine but unfortunately I do not have one so I had to go the old-school route and print my design out on sticker paper and hand cut each item out individually.

I would like to reiterate just how painstakingly long this part of of DIY took. I started cutting out my design at approximately 6pm and did not finish until close to 11pm. There was a point during it when I began to rethink all of my decisions and curse myself for being cheap and deciding to make a sign myself instead of hopping in my car and just driving down the road to buy one from a local store.

After many breaks and hand massages later it was now time for the final step of the sign making extravaganza – attaching both of the signs with jute rope and hot glue because we’re fancy around here! 2 quick minutes later all I had to do was hang my finished sign and bask in its beauty!

Still recovering from all the cutting,