DIY Coconut Cherry Prop Cake

I’ve been meaning to recycle some styrofoam I had lying around the house for the longest time and then it hit me – why don’t I just make my own DIY cake form instead of buying one already made and save myself some money that I could put towards the other projects that I’ve been dreaming up.

For this project you’ll only need 7 items and if you’re an avid DIYer such as myself you might even have most of them lying around your house.

  • Spackling (I prefer the DryDex Brand – Pink/White)
  • White Crafting Paint
  • Styrofoam
  • Faux Cherries (I purchased mine off of Amazon)
  • Fake Fine Snow
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Cake Frosting/Decorating Tips

First I grabbed a pot lid and traced it onto 2 pieces of styrofoam. Once I was finished I took the largest knife I could find in my kitchen and began to cut out the circular shape I had just traced. I will warn you – this is an extremely messy DIY and if you don’t take the time to clean it up right away you will find tiny pieces of styrofoam remnants everywhere. Seriously! They will haunt you in your dreams and you will find them in the most unlikely of places. Remember that song -“Sometimes I feel like somebody’s watching me?” Well, after this project I felt like it was probably written about these pesky little styrofoam pieces. I swear they had the stealth of an assassin and randomly popped up everywhere no matter how many times I ran my vacuum cleaner over them.

After cleaning for what felt like an eternity I grabbed my trusty hot glue gun and adhered the two pieces together. Don’t worry, the hot glue will not melt the styrofoam.

This next step is entirely up to you. You can either mix a generous amount of the spackling and paint in a ziplock baggie like I did or you can use a disposable bowl. Either way will work just fine. Once the spackling is thoroughly mixed begin spreading it on the “cake”. You can use either a plastic scraper like I did or use a gloved hand to give it some more texture. I worked in sections and sprinkled the fake snow on it ensuring to gently press it in with my hands as I went. Do not worry about the pink color that shows through, when it is fully dry it will change into a white color. I prefer to use the pink colored spackling to ensure there is no styrofoam showing through since there is a clear color difference between the two.

As soon as the spackling was fully dried I began to plan out the layout of my cherries and make sure they were spaced out evenly. After a little tweaking here and there I began to pipe on the “frosting”. I ran out of my pink DryDex so for this step I used the basic white kind. Gently place the cherry on top of the frosting and press it in to ensure it fully adheres once the spackling is dried. (Don’t worry if one randomly pops off after it dries, you can simply use hot glue to adhere it back on).

Secretly hating the fact that this is not a real cake,