Thrift Flip: Turn a Candle Holder into a Festive Christmas Lamp Post

Learn how I turned a thrifted candle holder into a festive Christmas lamp post.

One of my absolute favorite things to do this time of year is to scour thrift stores in hopes I’ll see something that I can breathe new life into. The second I saw this wrought iron candle holder I knew it was coming home with me and that it would be my next project.

I first began by giving it a very thorough cleaning then off I went to search my scrap wood pile to find a piece that I could use as a base for what I had planned. After drilling a small hole in the center I placed it on the candle holder to ensure it was a snug fit and wouldn’t get blown off in the wind since I was going to put the finished project on my porch.

I couldn’t help but think the wooden piece just sitting on top of the candle holder looked unfinished so I made yet another trip to my scrap wood pile and found some leftover pieces of common board that I cut at a 45 degree angle and used to create a border that I’d eventually place my lamp in to.

To adhere the common board I used my trusty Elmer’s wood glue and some clamps that I had in my garage. I also used some wood filler on the corners to blend in the seams where the wood met and then gave it a gentle sanding once everything was dried.

The next day I brought the candle holder outside and gave it a few coats of black spray paint. Once it was dried I placed my lantern on the stand and tied on a festive bow that I ordered from JoAnn Fabrics on sale for around $2 to complete the look.

As you can probably tell by the maple pillow in the background I started this project early fall and am excited that I can finally use it to decorate my front porch with.

Happy crafting everyone,