DIY Custom Spice Rack

Back in early December I finally reached my breaking point. I was trying to locate my beloved garam masala in my small pantry and got totally overwhelmed by the lack of organization of everything in there. If there’s two things you should know about me is that I’m a visual person and that I crave … Continue reading “DIY Custom Spice Rack”


DIY Birch Logs

DIY Birch Logs made out of recycled materials that can be found around the house

DIY Console Table

I’d like to start out by saying I first set out to dupe this console table from Burke Decor but somewhere along the line my plans changed and I made the executive decision to scale back my ambitious dream of recreating the aforementioned Matthes Table and go with something much, much easier. Below is the … Continue reading “DIY Console Table”

DIY Halloween Sign

With Halloween right around the corner I decided now would be the perfect time to start decorating my porch for all the trick or treaters that are bound to stop by this year. The first thing on my agenda – making a custom sign using only scrap materials that I had in my garage. To … Continue reading “DIY Halloween Sign”

Easy Upcycled Rustic Box

Last weekend I wanted to complete a DIY that was simple, stress-free, cheap and not too complicated. That’s when it hit me – I had some leftover stained skewers from a previous project and a empty box that was calling my name to transform into a decorative piece I could use on my hallway table. … Continue reading “Easy Upcycled Rustic Box”

DIY: Easy Entryway Bench

After my shoe storage transformation project the other side of my entryway was missing something and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until it dawned on me that the empty space along the wall would be the perfect place to put a bench. I wanted to make something that was quick and cheap … Continue reading “DIY: Easy Entryway Bench”


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